Karnali River Rafting

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Rafting or Kayaking in Karnali is one of the best trips available in the World. This mightiest river originates from Mt. Kailash in Tibet and hence Karnali literally means “Holy water from the sacred mountain”. As Karnali River wedge through the Himalaya in a series of magnificent gorges and forests to tropical riverside forests, we come across Nepal’s Wildlife. The river is also rich in Himalayan aquatic life such as Golden Mashers and giant Catfish. This is Nepal's largest and longest river, flowing uninhibited through the least populated region of the country. For the eight days and 180 kilometers we won't see a single sign of the modern world making it Nepal’s finest multi day river rafting. 
River Information

Departure Point                 :  Kathmandu or Pokhara
River Start Point                 : Dhungeshower
River Finish Point         : Chisopani
Outward Travel Time : 14 Hours
River Grade         : III to IV+ 
Return Travel Time : 12 Hours
Rafting Duration         : 7 night 8 Days 
River Distance : 180 Kilometers. (Approx

Itienary Details

 Day 01 We meet at the office at 7am (Pokhara or Kathmandu) with your bags ready to go. This is a long bus journey, so be prepared with water etc. We travel to the far west and arrive in Surkhet very late in the evening. You are able to get a sleep here. 
 Day 02 After breakfast we continue our drive to Karnali put in point at Dungeshwar (5 hrs). This section of the drive offers yet unspoiled scenery of charming villages and farms. We will do short rafting trip after lunch to set up first night's camp by the bank of Karnali. 
 Day 03  The River gives the team, time to build. There are good rapids and water flow those allow learning errors. We still manage to get at least one great class IV rapid in. We camp and get excited about tomorrow. 
 Day 04 This is the type of day that people imagine when they think of Himalayan water. It is BIG and it is continuous. We enter into the Jungle Corridor. This is a narrowing jungle clad gorge and it is all ours. The team building is put into full practice and when your guide shouts "all forward" he really means it! Enjoy the ride all day and camp in this sensational setting. 

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