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Rautes are only the nomadic ethnic group of Nepal who have been sustaining their unique cultural identities for years. They live from 1 week to 1 month in a particular place and leave for the next. They establish such temporary residences inside or near the forest. If any one of the member faces the fatal consequence, they immediately move to the next place. Nowadays, Rautes reside in the mid-western part of Nepal.

Rautes have been bartering their wooden products with that of the different crops in the nearby villages for years. Unfortunately, their wooden products have gradually been replaced by the plastics and other foreign products. So this endeavor attempts to provide the Rautes for their basics by selling their wooden products.

These are the special products of the Rautes which only these nomadic tribal people can manufacture. They don't use any kind of modern tools but only apply the traditional instruments like long and short handled axes, large and small adzes, and long chisel as the primary tools in order to make these manufactured goods

The livelihood of the Rautes is directly linked with these products because they don't engage themselves in agriculture neither work for remuneration. They don't even wander in the city in search of lucrative jobs. This skilled tribal community has been maintaining their mode of life by selling their aptitude in wooden products.

When you buy these goods, you have contributed for the living human heritage of Nepal. Interestingly you have contributed for that tribal community who has, time and again, denied permanent settlement, education and agriculture.


The population of this nomadic group is about two hundred. Thank you very much for you have bought the product of these endangered human species. Yea, buy for your friends and neighbors and encourage others to buy. Isn't it the responsibility of all of us to preserve this endangered human species?

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